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  1. J Palmer says:

    Just added TBO to chatterbirds web site and directory. Recommend this site for keen birdos who really get into sharing outings, sightings, stories, photos and local knowledge.

    You’ll find them at Chatterbirds

  2. J Palmer says:

    This link via my twitter profile; Webcam makes eagles ‘Big Brother’ stars

    “Cameras installed high in a tree in the US state of Iowa have made an internet sensation of a family of bald eagles, whose nest is streamed online day and night. ”

    The “WARNING: viewer discretion is advised” above the live stream is a hoot!

  3. Jenny MacKay says:

    Well done – thanks for setting up this blog.
    Here is another useful resource site. It is an image database for australasian birds. You can register to upload your own pictures to the site- the administrators check to make sure that the photos are accurately named before they are posted. There is information in the ‘about us’ section regarding image size etc.
    Since there are a number of photos of the same bird- at different ages, in different locations, in flight, at rest, with chicks etc etc , it gives a greater variety of pictures than perhaps any single book can do- and can be another aid to identification.

  4. J Palmer says:

    For international (and local) birdos wanting a birding pal, her’es a site with global contacts, with an excellent Aussie component.

  5. J Palmer says:

    For international (and local) birdos wanting a birding pal, here’s a site of global contacts, with an excellent Aussie component.

  6. Jenny MacKay says:
    Here is another one to check out- “Where do you want to go birding in Australia today?”
    another “Where do you want to go birding in England today?”

  7. Big Volcano says:

    This is amazing! Goshawk Flies Through Tiny Spaces in Slo-Mo! – The Animal’s Guide to Britain, Episode 3 – BBC Two

  8. Two more great Aussie birding sites from Klaus Uhlenhut: (for tours to Northern Australia, SW WA and PNG), and his Australian Birdwatching site at, “A Directory of Australian birdwatching tours, bird clubs, freelance-guides, bird-orientated accommodation and reference information”.

  9. Some good news for the Orange-bellied parrot: ..survey found the species was flocking between Queenscliff on the Bellarine Peninsula and Werribee [VIC] during its time on the mainland.

    But check out the Eagle crashes into paraglider video to the right. Amazing!

  10. A couple of good links via the Birdlife International tweetstream at

    Check these sites out: – A UK/European based birding blog with some great photos, and Everything for wildlife, science & environment.

  11. Here’s a new birding site based in the UK: “BirdGuides brings you better birding through technology. We offer up-to-the-minute news and views on British and Irish birds, comprehensive online and mobile reference, a huge photo library and the best products for birdwatchers everywhere.”

  12. Maryanne Pitman says:

    Thank you so much to the TBO group for their kindness, enthusiasm and sharing on my very first bird watchers group outing on Sunday. Traveling to the venue in the pouring rain on Sunday did have me wondering if they might be a little crazy. On arrival I was reassured as I was greeted by the friendly faces. The sun shone through and I was treated to a wonderful introduction to the tools and habits of the keen bird watcher. The number of birds we saw was exciting. I had a wonderful day. Thank you
    To top it off, I stopped in at the Cabarita boadwalk on the way home. The wind was incredibly strong. When I got to the top, I was met by an osprey hovering just metres away from me. It flew off and came back to give me another look 🙂 It was so close. Amazingly beautiful.
    Looking forward to another outing.
    Thanks everyone

  13. Here’s an interesting site from the USA:

    Self described as “The #1 Bird & Garden Magazine in America,
    Birds & Blooms, offers up great tips, ideas and solutions for birding and gardening in the backyard.”, there are some great photos of North American species and interesting posts.

  14. Tanya Rabe says:

    Hello. I am trying to find out what species a little bird is that I have noticed along the Tweed River and I was hoping you could ease my curiosity. To the uneducated bird observer I could best describe the bird as being a small version of kingfisher. It has a long black beak and brilliant blue/purple feathers. The under body appears to be black. The tail is short. It would fit comfortably in the palm of a small hand. I have lived down by the river for the past three years and have only seen the bird twice.

  15. mike says:

    Jabirus in casino next to miniature railway half way down dirt rd on right side 2 juvinilles there to.

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