Bird Lists for Tweed Valley – 2011

Birdlist for the Tweed Valley of northern NSW, between Byron Bay and the Gold Coast

TBO Member Laurel Allsopp has maintained a bird list for the Tweed Valley based on observations during outings and reports from members.  Versions attached on this page represents the lists in a “checklist” version, in alphabetical and taxonomic order.  We thank Laurel for her hard work on this task which is never-ending.  Look for updates as they become necessary.  The latest version dates from November 2010 and includes 245 species.   We welcome your comments, tell us if we are missing one, and when and where you saw that special bird. 

Check list version:  Birds of the Tweed Checklist 2010

Bird list in alphabetical order:  Birds of the Tweed Alpha listing Nov 2010

Bird list in taxonomic order: Birds of the Tweed Taxonomic listing Nov 2010


3 Responses to Bird Lists for Tweed Valley – 2011

  1. Just saw a black swan solo in the Endless summer canal….accustomed to humans, but wary. VERY exciting for me and my daughter!

  2. Eliseo Avila says:

    I just want to know how I can see photos of the Tweed Valley’s Birds?

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