Bird Lists

Here are the bird lists, comprising primarily of species seen on BirdLife Northern Rivers walks (outings) but also compilations made during other activities such as twitching and surveys for Land Care Groups.  Lists from our outings now appear on a separate “child” page to this one, Outings 2011.  Other lists are still presented as Comments. We also hope to have a page with a form on which members (and others?) will be able to post sightings.



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  1. —–Original Message—–
    From: Kathy Wilk Sent: Monday, 1 November 2010 8:29 PM
    Subject: Spotless Cranks Twitch Results

    Hello to all the 2010 Spotless Cranks Twitch sponsors, and a big thankyou for doing so, some of you for 2 years in a row.

    Our team this year consisted of June Harris, Steve McBride, Kathy Wilk, and a new team member this year – Dave Charley, who many of you met at the TBO’s Nightcap NP campout.

    We are all home safely after bettering our inaugural 2009 twitch count of 190 by 6 species. Nearly but not quite cracking the 200 mark! Maybe next year. Considering a lot of birds had flown the coop recently to go venturing out west with all the rain we are pretty happy with ourselves.

    Our route this year was: starting at Tenterfield at 4pm Saturday 30 Oct, using the 3 daylight hours at about 4 separate sites.

    We started by targeting a family of Hooded Robins, hoping they would not fly away before the clock started ticking. We had seen 5 Painted Button Quail shortly before the start time, but they were definitely hiding when we needed them. We had good close views of Little Eagles.

    Very late afternoon to dusk we were hunting owls, and managed to hear the Powerful Owl very close by, calling for quite a long time. Steve would have liked to see this bird for his personal tick list, but there was no time for that luxury. A Boobook also made himself known to us, but the known Superb Lyrebird stayed quiet. My wish was to nail both lyrebirds, something most other teams cannot possibly achieve.

    Driving back the short distance into Tenterfield Steve had preplanned the dinner stop well by taking note of the shops phone number, and we phoned in our orders while driving to beat their closing time of 8pm.

    Next we drove back east towards Casino and over to Border Ranges National Park which was our camping spot for the night. Dave had eagle eyes and easily spotted 2 Tawny Frogmouths and 4 Barn Owls along the way, we stopped and tried spotlighting as well, seeing a possum and some type of mouse.

    Managed to miss running over a Pademelon and a Bandicoot along the way!

    76 species seen or heard around Tenterfield.

    Tents pitched by midnight this year, last year it was 1.15am. What luxury, an extra hours sleep.

    Back up at 4.30am to be packed up, eat breakfast and ready to hear the dawn chorus. We were thrilled to hear a close by Sooty Owl, a Russet-tailed Thrush and a Rufous Scrub-bird, but dipped on the Marbled Frogmouth.

    About 40 species later we left Border Ranges and scoured many swamps, wetlands and sewerage ponds around the Casino and Lismore areas, each spot only yielding about 2 species that we needed! It was hard work finding duck species, and they had a distinct plan to be as spread out as possible. Dave spotted one lonely Whiskered Tern and 2 Latham’s Snipe were an unexpected bonus.

    The next 40 odd species later we headed for Ballina, it was about 2pm with the clock starting to tick quite fast to our 4pm deadline, we were craning our necks while driving for a Black Shouldered Kite but no luck there. The Swamp Harriers weren’t cruising for us either.

    Ballina yielded us about 40 species in those last hours, with the waders being our main targets. We finished on South Ballina beach, having run madly to get to the flock way down the beach. Last bird was a Short Tailed Shearwater.

    So far we are running 5th in a group of 21 teams in the main 24- hour race. Once all team results are in we will probably drop down the list, but hopefully will place higher than 8th place, which was our result last year.

    Once again, a big thankyou for your support and we’ll no doubt catch up with many of you soon at regular bird outings. We will send a full bird list out once we have fully recovered!

    Kathy Wilk for the Spotless Cranks Team

  2. Anne Jones says:

    Many thanks for getting this list up so quickly Linda – now perhaps I can identify the ‘mystery’ birds in some of my photographs. Anne

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