Views & Information

This is a place to put comments replies etc. that pertain to bird watching in general and the species that you have seen or might have heard.

If you have an Australian Black Necked Stork mucking about in your yard, for heaven’s sake put a link to the photo and a short story in a comment to this post!

If you hear about a threat to the environment that you want everyone to know about put a comment with links to info on the internet here.



5 Responses to Views & Information

  1. Your administrator will kick this off with a few links to info about an environmental disaster that is about to befall our beautiful valley if we don’t fight to prevent it. Your property may well be affected and you won’t be able to keep the drillers out!

    Fraccing or more commonly fracking is a method of extracting methane from uneconomic coal seems. It involves extensive drilling, construction of compounds, the installation of pumping and compression equipment which runs 24 hours per day and scores of truck movements every week.

    It is starting right now in the Tweed Valley. Your property may well be affected and you won’t be able to keep the drillers out!

    Have a look at the article at:

    and join the movement at:

  2. Anne Jones says:

    It was another good outing yesterday (13/3/11) and thanks to everyone involved in making it a success. I was interested in the discussion re websites and blogs and think the following blog might interest/inspire people. I rather like the diary style of Chris’s blog and he is able to incorporate two-way chat with photographs and notes – all very interesting. I imagine he is his own webmaster so is able to do all this himself as I know putting photographs on a website/blog is a task beyond editor level.

    Here is the link to his blog:

    I hope people find it interesting – he has even seen Glossy Black Cockatoos recently.

    Cheers, Anne

  3. Kathy Wilk says:

    hi all,
    just trying this wordpress site out at last.
    TBO’s next outing is to the Byron STP. BVBW group have recently been there and managed to see about 70 species (from memory) including an Australasian Bittern.
    I am trying to find out where at the STP it was spotted.
    see you there!
    cheers Kathy

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